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  • Merkezi Antalya Otelleri | Siete Hotel | Antalya

    SİETE HOTEL Dış Cephe SİETE HOTEL Havuz siete hotel jonior suite SİETE HOTEL Dış Cephe 1/13 Get the Attention You Deserve We offer everything you need to enjoy your stay in our hotel located in the heart of the city. See the attention you deserve Since the day it was opened, Siete Hotel has been offering its guests an ideal balance of eye-catching luxury and comfortable simplicity. Located in the heart of the city, we offer everything you need to enjoy your stay. As Siete Hotel, we offer numerous facilities and services to make your visit a pleasure. We bring you the feeling of luxury you deserve by bringing together comfort and convenience under one roof. Thanks to our excellent rooms and attentive staff, we can guarantee you will be satisfied with our hotel. Check out what we can offer you and book now. Trust us Siete Hotel will do its best to respond to all your needs from the moment you check in. We are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from office services to restaurant reservations. Check out our site for more information. You have come to the right place for your business or personal travel. Siete Hotel offers maximum comfort at affordable prices. Book now. Hope to see you soon! Freshest Ingredients As Siete Hotel, we have adopted the principle of serving healthy and delicious varieties. We use only fresh ingredients and offer options suitable for the needs of every diet. Check out our delicious menu and get in touch to make a reservation! MENU The dishes you choose from the menu created by our chef are prepared with seasonal ingredients and served immediately after they are cooked. Add pleasure to your experience with a drink from our distinguished menu. Or make sure to reserve a place for dessert! FOODS


    KAHVALTI MENÜ Her gün 07.00-15.00 arasında servis edilir KAHVALTI Bu yemekler paylaşmak için idealdir Serpme kahvaltı Kızartma,parmak sosis,sucuk,Domates,Salatalık,Biber,Salam,Hindi jambon,Siyah zeytin,Yeşil zeytin,Ezine peyniri,Kaşar peynir,Beyaz peynir,Labne,Tereyağ,Bal,Reçel çeşitleri,Çikolata,Simit,Kruvasan TRY 790 Buğday Yumurta Susam İngiliz Kahvaltısı Vişne reçeli,Tatlı kuru fasulye,Mantar sote,Göz yumurta,Tereyağ,Izgara domates,Sosis TRY 359 Yumurta Süt ürünsüz Menemen Yumurta,Domates ve Biberi ile TRY 229 Yumurta Organik Karışık omlet Sucuk,sosis,mantar,biber,domates,kaşar peyniri Karışık yeşillik ve patates Kızartması ile TRY 259 Yumurta Az Acılı Kaşarlı omlet Kaşar peynirli omlet,karışık yeşillik ve patates kızartması ile TRY 239 Yumurta Sahanda Göz yumurta Tereyağında 2 adet göz yumurta TRY 189 Yumurta Sahanda Sucuklu yumurta Sucuk ve yumurta TRY 239 Yumurta Kaşarlı tost Kaşar peynirli tost,karışık yeşillik ve patates kızartması TRY 219 Buğday Karışık tost Sucuklu ve peynirli tost,patates kızartması ve yeşillik ile TRY 239 Buğday Granola Kuruyemişli Granola,Taze mevsim meyveleri ve yoğurt ile TRY 259 Organik Pancake Pancake,çikolata ve taze meyveler TRY 299 Buğday ATIŞTIRMALIKLAR Hepsi yerel ve günlük olarak temin edilen çok çeşitli lezzetler Kızarmış lezzetler sepeti Soğan halkası,mozerella sticks,Sigara böreği,Çıtır tavuk,Patates,Sos ile birlikte TRY 399 Patates Tabağı Patates ve sos ile birlikte TRY 329 kızartma Peynir Tabağı Taze meyveler,kuru meyveler,3 çeşit peynir TRY 399 Izgara Sebze Tabağı Izgara edilmiş kabak,patlıcan,havuç,renkli biberler,ızgara domates TRY 399 Vegan MAKARNALAR Penne Arabiata Penne Arrabiata (acılı domates soslu),Parmesan Peynir ile TRY 379 Buğday Ekstra Acılı Spaghetti Bolognese Parmesan Peynir ile TRY 469 Buğday Dört Peynirli Penne TRY 399 Buğday Mantı Yoğurt ve Tereyağ Sos TRY 399 Buğday Yumurta PİZZA Margarita Domates, Kekik, Mozarella, Pizza Sosu TRY 359 Buğday Karışık Pizza Sucuk, Jambon, Sosis, Zeytin, Mısır, Mozarella peyniri Domates sos TRY 389 Buğday Vejeteryan Pizza Mısır,kabak,havuç,biber domates sos ile TRY 369 Vegan Buğday TAM GÜN Burger Gurme Burger 160gr, Kajun Baharatlı Patates Kızartması ile TRY 399 kızartma Buğday Cheese Burger Cheddar Cheese Burger 180gr, Kajun Baharatlı Patates Kızartması ile TRY 429 kızartma Schnitzel Tavuk Schnitzel, Patates Kızartması, Akdeniz Yeşillikleri ile TRY 379 kızartma Izgara Köfte Patates Kızartması, Kırmızı Soğan ve Akdeniz Yeşillikleri TRY 399 kızartma SALATALAR Tavuklu Sezar Salata Taze Marul Yaprakları, Kruton, Sezar Sos, Izgara Tavuk Göğüs ve Parmesan Peynir ile TRY 369 Cajun Baharatlı Tavuk Salata Akdeniz yeşillikleri üzerine cajunbaharatı ile panelenmiş tavuk parçaları TRY 399 Akdeniz Salatası Roka, Iceberg, Taze Marul Yaprakları, Salatalık, Cherry Domates Kırmızı Soğan ve Peynir ile TRY 349 Vegan Yeşil Kase Yeşil elma,Karışık yeşillik,Zeytinyağı,Limon,Salatalık,Peynir topları TRY 359 Vejetaryen TATLILAR Waffle Çikolata,Mevsim meyveleri,dondurma ile TRY 319 Limonlu Cheesecake TRY 159 Dondurma TRY 269 KAHVALTI MENÜ İÇECEKLER ALKOLLÜ İÇECEKLER

  • SİETE MENÜ | Siete Hotel


  • Menü | Siete Hotel

    Menu Gallery Siete Lunch & bistro Foods Menu Turkish / English Facilities Rooms Reservation Siete Hotel Fact Sheet Fact sheet RESERVATION Questionnaire Communication phone 323 42 42 e-mail

  • Yeni Sayfa | Siete Hotel

    Accessibility Due to the physical structure and old age of our hotel, it is not suitable for disabled use. ​

  • COVİD -19 Önlemlerimiz | Siete Hotel

    Our Hygiene Practices Since the day we opened, all the requirements for your health a complete international standard we do it the way. Dear Guest, Welcome to Siete HOTEL. The World Health Organization declared a pandemic due to Corona (Covid-19) on March 11, 2020. Since this date, the measures taken worldwide have been increased. Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health, Culture and Tourism Ministry and the World Health Organization (WHO) is one to one advice circulars and are complied with. As Siete Hotel, since the day we were founded, we have been fulfilling all the requirements regarding the health of our hotel guests in international standards. To act in line with the information specified in this guide during your stay at our hotel; We request that you comply with the purpose of protecting your own health as well as the health of our guests staying at our hotel and our employees serving you. INFORMATION GUIDE YOUR ROOM • Your room has been cleaned with disinfectant products, after these procedures, your room has been delivered to you as "first user". • Products such as soap, shampoo, shower gel in your room are disposable and are not used by anyone except you. • Daily cleaning of your room is done by our staff using masks and disposable gloves. • If you do not want to be in your room for daily housekeeping or your mini bar, please let us know that you do not want this service. GENERAL AREAS OF USE • Cleaning of all areas is carried out at appropriate frequency according to the nature of the surface, using disinfection materials in accordance with the standards. • All public areas including the restaurant, lobby, reception area, bar and sales units, sunbed groups around the pool are arranged in accordance with the social distance plan; Necessary precautions regarding social distance have been taken and necessary markings have been made. No more guests will be accepted to these areas than the capacity suitable for the plan. • Sufficient hand disinfectant or antiseptic is available in all general usage areas. • In our food and beverage service units, the distance between the tables is arranged as 1.5 meters. OUR STAFF • All our employees received special training on epidemics and hygiene. • While serving you, our staff uses protective equipment such as mask, gloves or face shield, depending on the location and service. • In all of our personnel areas, as in general usage areas, hygiene standards and practices are carried out in the same and meticulously. • Hygiene barriers, sterilization devices, tools and equipment required for hand and body hygiene are kept in our facility in the food production and kitchen areas. • The cleaning and hygiene of the areas related to the kitchen, all kinds of equipment used in the kitchen, counter and storage areas are regularly provided. What we expect from you • Pay utmost attention to maintaining social distance while moving inside the facility. Follow the signs made by the hotel management. • Do not disturb the 1.5 meter distance left between tables. • Do not change the distance between sun loungers. • If you see Covid-19 symptoms in yourself or one of our other guests you know, inform the reception immediately, the reception will contact the Social Environment and Hygiene Representative and healthcare organizations for you. • Within the scope of Covid-19 precautions, you can obtain protective materials such as disinfectants, masks and gloves free of charge from reception, housekeeping and room service at any time of the day so that you can use them when needed. • Covid-19 virus can cause nose, mouth, eyes etc. It can pass through contact, remain suspended in the air for a certain period of time and survive on the contact surface. For this reason, you should wash your hands frequently with plenty of water and soap. In case you are away from the sinks, hand sanitizer devices have been put in the places where our service units are located for you. • We remind you that even if precautions such as the use of disinfectants and masks are taken, different activities such as running, sports, cycling and swimming require different social distance needs and different precautions. • If any Covid-19 symptoms or positive test results are seen inside or outside the hotel, the hotel phone you should contact immediately is 0242 323 4 242. • We remind you that you may have legal obligations if you hide the findings, information and symptoms related to all infectious diseases, including Covid-19, and do not notify the hotel management or do not comply with the measures. Thank you for your careful reading and for the precautions you will follow to protect the health of our other guests and employees, especially your own health.

  • Anket | Siete Hotel

    SYS GUEST SATISFACTION SURVEY Your knowledge about environmental activities at the hotel How was environmental awareness among employees? Have you had a chance to review our policy and sustainability activities on our website, did you find it useful? If you had the chance to participate one-on-one in the environmental activities held at the hotel, your opinion Failure in our work to protect the environment Harmony of facility environment and natural environment Waste separation at source Saving on water Energy-saving Efforts to increase guests' environmental awareness Environmental activities with guests If you have a request, the execution time The interest shown in your questions or complaints about the environment Management will evaluate these questionnaires positively. Çevreyi korumak adına yaptıklarımıza ek olarak önerileriniz var mı ? Evet Hayır Doğal yaşamı koruma derneği veya benzeri kurumlarda çalışmanız/üyeliğiniz var mı ? Evet Hayır SURVEY FORM Siete otelden nasıl haberdar oldunuz ? Tavsiye Online Acenta İnternet Diğer ( Lütfen belirtiniz) Otelimizde en çok dikkatinizi çeken nedir? Konum Hizmet Güvenilirlik Diğer ( Lütfen belirtiniz) How satisfied are you with our hotel reception and our staff? How satisfied are you with our breakfast service? What varieties do you want to see in our breakfast buffet? What are your complaints and suggestions? Your Email Send Thank you for your feedback.

  • Mesafeli Satış Sözleşmesi | Siete Hotel

    Distance Sales Agreement ​ This contract has been drawn up in accordance with the Regulation on the Implementation Procedures and Principles of Distance Contracts published in the Official Gazette dated 13.06.2003 and numbered 25137, in accordance with the obligation to conclude a contract for sales made over the internet, and the articles are as follows. ARTICLE 1 - SUBJECT The subject of this contract covers the rights and obligations of the parties in accordance with the provisions of the Law on the Protection of Consumers No. 4077 - Regulation on Implementation Principles and Procedures of Distance Contracts, regarding the sale and delivery of the product sold by the SELLER to the BUYER, the qualifications and sales price of which are specified below. ARTICLE 2.1 – SELLER INFORMATION Title: Siete Hotel Email: ARTICLE 2.2 – BUYER INFORMATION Person who is a member of the shopping site as a customer. The address and contact information used while becoming a member or placing an order is taken as basis. ARTICLE 3 – CONTRACTUAL PRODUCT INFORMATION It consists of the type, quantity, brand/model, color, quantity, sales price, payment method, and information at the time of the end of the order of the Good/Product/Service. ARTICLE 4 - GENERAL PROVISIONS 4.1 – The BUYER declares that he has read all the preliminary information regarding the basic characteristics, sales price, payment method and delivery of the product or products that are the subject of the contract specified in Article 3, and that he has given the necessary confirmation in the electronic environment. 4.2 – The product or products subject to the contract shall be delivered to the BUYER or the person/organization at the address indicated within the period specified in the preliminary information, depending on the distance of the BUYER's residence for each product, provided that it does not exceed the legal 30-day period. This period can be extended for a maximum of 10 days, provided that the BUYER is notified beforehand. 4.3 – If the product subject to the contract is to be delivered to a person/organization other than the BUYER, cannot be held responsible if the person/organization to be delivered does not accept the delivery. 4.4 – The SELLER is responsible for the delivery of the contracted product in a sound, complete, in accordance with the qualifications specified in the order and with warranty documents and user manuals, if any. 4.5 – For the delivery of the product subject to the contract, the signed copy of this contract must be delivered to the SELLER and the price must be paid in the form of payment preferred by the BUYER. If, for any reason, the product price is not paid or canceled in the bank records, the SELLER is deemed to be relieved of its obligation to deliver the product. 4.6- In the event that the relevant bank or financial institution fails to pay the product price to the SELLER due to the unfair or unlawful use of the BUYER's credit card by unauthorized persons after the delivery of the product, not due to the BUYER's fault, provided that the product has been delivered to the BUYER. It must be sent to the SELLER within 3 days. In this case, the shipping costs belong to the BUYER. 4.7- If the SELLER cannot deliver the product subject to the contract in due time due to force majeure or extraordinary circumstances such as weather conditions preventing transportation, interruption of transportation, the SELLER is obliged to notify the BUYER. In this case, the BUYER may use one of the rights to cancel the order, replace the product subject to the contract with its precedent, if any, and/or postpone the delivery time until the obstacle is removed. In case the BUYER cancels the order, the amount paid is paid to him in cash and in full within 10 days. 4.8- Defective or damaged products of the products sold with or without a warranty certificate can be sent to the address of for the necessary repair within the warranty conditions. 4.9- This contract becomes valid after the SELLER sends it to the BUYER by fax or e-mail. ARTICLE 5 – RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL The BUYER has the right to withdraw within (7) days from the delivery of the product subject to the contract to himself or the person/organization at the address indicated. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the SELLER must be notified by fax, e-mail or telephone within this period and the product must not be used in accordance with the provisions of the relevant article. In case this right is exercised, it is obligatory to return the original invoice and a copy of the cargo delivery report stating that the product delivered to the 3rd person or the BUYER has been sent to the SELLER. The product price is returned to the BUYER within 7 days following the receipt of these documents. If the original invoice is not sent, VAT and other legal obligations, if any, cannot be returned. The shipping cost of the product returned due to the right of withdrawal is covered by the SELLER. The right of withdrawal cannot be used for products that cannot be returned due to their nature, disposable products, products that deteriorate rapidly or whose expiration date has passed. The use of the right of withdrawal is subject to the condition that the packaging of the product is unopened, intact and the product has not been used. In addition, the consumer cannot use the right of withdrawal for the goods produced in accordance with the special requests and demands of the consumer or made personal by making changes or additions. OTHER MATTERS: In case the payment is made with a credit card or a similar payment card, the consumer may request the cancellation of the payment transaction on the grounds that the card was used against his will and illegally. In this case, the card issuer returns the payment amount to the consumer within 10 days from the notification of the objection. In case of default of the debtor, the debtor agrees to pay the loss and damage of the creditor due to the delayed performance of the debt. In the implementation of this contract, the Consumer Arbitration Committees and the Consumer Courts in the SELLER's or BUYER's residence are authorized up to the value declared by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. In the event that the order is concluded, the BUYER shall be deemed to have accepted all the terms of this contract.

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