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1. INTRODUCTION OF THE FACILITY SIETE HOTELWith the awareness of sustainability as the basis of sustainability, our hotel gives importance to the people, local entrepreneurs, endemic vegetation, natural water resources, cultural values, national assets and cultural heritages of Antalya. gives.



We are committed to continuously improving our performance in the fields of environmental management and social responsibility for a sustainable future. In this way, we have set our sustainability goals by adopting the criteria of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC): We will increase our responsibility in waste management and reduce our waste production with environmentally friendly methods. To save energy, we will use efficient devices and manage energy resources efficiently. We will promote cost-effective solutions to protect our water resources and prevent dehydration. By using sustainable production methods, we will protect our natural resources and promote biodiversity. We will strive to preserve and promote local cultures to increase participation of local people. We will promote environmentally responsible tourism by collaborating with local communities. We will train our staff to increase social awareness and finance social projects that will improve the quality of life of local people. We will adopt a sustainable quality policy in the field of environmental management and will constantly monitor our performance to achieve our goals. We will offer environmentally friendly products and services to promote sustainability. We will stay in touch with our stakeholders on sustainability issues and share best practices. We will also encourage our suppliers to act in line with our sustainability goals. We will cooperate with our business partners to create an environmentally friendly business model. We will identify opportunities for improvement and set renewable targets on a regular basis. We will carry out activities that will encourage our guests to be conscious about the environment and sustainability. By communicating with our guests, we will support their environmentally friendly choices. We will establish local collaborations to promote local cultures and local products. We will contribute to local economic development by providing the support of local businesses. As SIETE HOTEL, we will strive for local economic development. We will promote local cultures and products by establishing local collaborations. At the same time, we will contribute to local economic development by providing the support of local businesses. As SIETE HOTEL, we aim to be a leader in the fields of sustainability and environmental management. This policy declares to our guests our commitment to a sustainable world. We will continue our sustainability journey with a commitment to treat ourselves and future generations responsibly.





With the awareness that our water resources are not unlimited, our hotel has carried out the following activities to use water sparingly, and works in cooperation with employees, guests and other interested parties to prevent water waste.

• We use water-saving equipment to reduce water consumption.

• We regularly maintain and clean the aerators.

• We have adjusted the water flow rate of all room and common area sink faucets to not exceed 5 lt, and 8 lt in showers.

• We use an economical and/or double flush system in guest and employee toilets, so water consumption does not exceed 6 liters in each use.

• In the hotel landscape, we prefer local plants that are well adapted to the climate and require minimum irrigation.

• We monitor our water consumption in our hotel on a daily, monthly and annual basis and calculate the water consumption per person.

• We provide training to our employees on the efficient use of water and the awareness of water leaks.

• The wastewater of our facility is connected to the sewage system of our local administration in accordance with the wastewater discharge regulation.



In order to support sustainable tourism, contribute to the economy, prevent waste, protect the environment, prevent pollution, increase public awareness, and contribute to our future by adopting an environmentally friendly lifestyle, we carry out a series of waste reduction programs in all operational departments in our hotels by saying "Zero Waste".

• We give our organic wastes to animal shelters by contacting the shelters.

• We separate our wastes for recycling and proper disposal, paying particular attention to hazardous wastes, and ensure that they are transported and disposed of through licensed companies.

• We provide continuous training to our employees regarding the recycling, reduction and separation of wastes.

• We store our plant, grass and branch wastes from the garden separately and send them to the areas determined by the Municipality in order to bring them back into the soil.

• We place importance on purchasing small-packaged foods, refillable-packaged, large-sized foods

• We prefer to purchase drinks with returnable bottles, premix, postmix and bag in box packages.

• The soap, disinfectant and paper dispensers we use are metered with sensors and limit consumption. It contributes to waste reduction.

• We put warning letters in our e-mail signatures to reduce the use of paper waste, and we also ensure that the papers used in the offices are used on both sides.

• We have made the necessary arrangements for the separation of waste in all our departments throughout the hotel, we have provided separation buckets, bags, etc. with colors in accordance with the Zero Waste regulation.



One of the most important steps in sustainability is to ensure energy efficiency. First of all, energy usage should be measured and problems should be determined and possible savings areas should be determined. Low consumption equipment and systems should be preferred. Long-term improvement should be achieved using automation management and monitoring resources. Energy savings are constantly analyzed through maintenance, surveillance and monitoring.

• We are trying to reduce the energy consumed by using machines and equipment with high energy efficiency.

• We make purchases by looking at the energy class of newly purchased machines.

• The lighting we use throughout our hotel and in our guest rooms is led lighting. Thus, we provide the same amount of lighting by consuming less electricity.

• We regularly maintain our electrical equipment so that they work more efficiently OUR SUSTAINABILITY ACTIVITIES

• We have made a double door system in our hotel to prevent heat escape from our doors.

• We increase energy efficiency by ensuring that the windows of our hotel are double glazed.

• We regularly provide training to all our employees about using energy efficiently and saving energy.

• Garden lighting and general lighting of our hotel are sensitive to sunlight.

• We monitor and measure the energy consumed in our hotel by day, month and year.



With the intensity of tourism and the increase in the human population in our destination, our city will face important transformations. The success of our hotel is directly related to the culture, traditions and people that shape and live our regions. Respecting and valuing these social aspects and contributing to their learning by our colleagues and guests are among our priorities. We want the entire population to benefit from the benefits that tourism brings to the destination. For this reason, we share regional information, cultural heritage, national parks, endangered plants and animals through our website, ▪ our info channel, ▪ our smartphone application, ▪ our visual signs, ▪ and our employees, in order to promote our cultural heritage around us to all our guests. Information such as how to get to the places worth seeing in our destination and how to behave there are delivered to our guests. In addition, we inform our employees in order to minimize the damage caused by tourism to our environment, we support the local people, we convey cultural heritage, national values, cultural values to our guests. In order to support the sustainable tourism of our region, we keep in touch with local administrations and the public, and we constantly receive their support and opinions. We support local purchasing, provide necessary assistance to local entrepreneurs and support the development of our region.



Our hotel has adopted the philosophy of access for everyone and has devoted itself to being more accessible every year. Our hotel's accessibility for our guests with special circumstances; Our Accessible Facilities for Our Visually Impaired Guests

• Guideways at our hotel entrances and reception area

• Directions prepared using Braille alphabet are planned for elevator call buttons, direction buttons in elevators, in-room usage buttons, restaurant menus and social areas.



We use chemicals to make our lives easier, but they also have harmful effects on the environment. Therefore, the use of chemicals is managed in our hotel.

• Chemicals that do not harm the environment or cause the least harm are used

• MSDSs of all chemicals used are taken and storage, transportation, use and disposal methods are determined accordingly.

• Environmental awareness certificates are obtained from the suppliers from which chemicals are purchased, and if the chemicals have eco certificates.

• While cleaning, natural products are preferred. We reduce chemical consumption by making use of the pressure, temperature, etc. of the water.



• The detergents, disinfectants and chemicals used in our facility are of the type that do not harm the environment (nature) and human health.

• Care is taken to ensure that the pesticides and fertilizers used for our garden are organic. In all garden applications, if there is an equivalent organic product, we prefer it primarily.

• We pay attention to the fact that the fertilizer in the garden is a slow-release fertilizer that is effective for a long time, not the one that is constantly thrown away.

• There are dosing systems for cleaning in our kitchens.

• Our chemical transports and maintenance are also carried out by taking precautions against leakage and spillage.

• We follow up chemical wastes by working with relevant companies for the safe disposal of chemicals.

• We control our chemical usage amounts and provide personnel training to prevent wasted and wrong chemical use.



• Meals are produced in our buffets according to the number of guests, and we serve them in small portions in order to reduce waste.

• Within the scope of sustainable menu production, we use our vegetables and fruits, whose peel is not used, and whose stem is not used, in the production of sauces, both increasing the taste and carrying out the zero waste philosophy.

• We ensure that local foods and dishes are displayed in our buffet. The foods unique to our city are opened to the taste and knowledge of our guests as defined in a separate area.

• In order to promote the natural beauties and cultural heritage of our city, we have a corner where we use these beauties in the decoration objects of our hotel.

• In addition, brochures promoting our natural beauties, cultural heritage and our city were presented to the attention of the guests at the reception.

• Satisfaction of our guests is the priority of our hotel. For this reason, our guests' demands, expectations, complaints and satisfaction are constantly monitored by our hotel.

• Guest satisfaction measurements are monitored and measured through questionnaires placed in the rooms, at the reception, on the website and through Google comments.

• We give priority to the environmental certification of our suppliers and the products we use when purchasing, and contribute to the awareness of all our suppliers in the name of sustainability.

• We draw attention to environmental problems by organizing events on behalf of sustainability with our employees, guests, local administrations, non-governmental organizations and local people.

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