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The website ("Internet Site") is published by Siete Turpet Ege Tur Tic A.Ş ("Siete"), which operates the Hotels under the Siete brand. Siete provides hotel reservation service through its Website in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth under these Terms of Sale and Terms of Use.

Services are provided only to individuals who are legally authorized to enter into binding contracts under competent law (the "Customer"). By using the Services, the Client declares that he is of legal age to benefit from the Services and to impose legally binding obligations on any liability that may arise as a result of the use of the Services. In addition, the Customer undertakes that they are legally authorized to make reservations on behalf of themselves or their representatives.

These conditions of sale ("Terms of Sale") will be applied to the reservations made by the Customer through the Website for any of the Siete hotels listed below:

  • Fethiye Siete Hotel

  • Bodrum Siete hotel

(each separately “Hotel”, together “Hotels”).

Reservations made for all other hotels belonging to the Siete group will be processed by the Siete parent company ("Wix") and Customers will be directed to Wix's website to make their reservations, in accordance with the Wix terms and conditions.

The Conditions of Sale regulate the contractual relationship between the Customer and the Hotel where the customer is booked. The Conditions of Sale are made available to the Customer on the Website, which customers can access at any time. Customers can store and / or print out the Terms of Sale using the general settings of their internet browsers and / or computers.

Conditions of Sale are superior and superior to other documents regarding its subject. The parties expressly declare that all provisions regarding the subject of the Terms of Sale are arranged within the scope of this contract. Any general or special terms communicated by the customer may not be included or added to the Conditions of Sale.

Customers hereby declare that they are of legal age, that they have the right and capacity to conclude this agreement, and that they act in line with their own needs, except for intermediation, resale, distribution or similar acts for all or part of the Services.

Siete reserves the right to change these Terms of Sale at any time. The Sales Conditions to be applied are the conditions in effect at the time of reservation. The Customer is invited to read the Terms of Sale each time he visits the Website and before each booking in case a change has been made.


The Website allows customers to make reservations at Hotels. The basic features and qualifications of the hotels and / or accommodation facilities are presented on the Website before and / or during the reservation process. The customer can contact the Hotel by using the contact information on the Website to get more information about the Hotels and / or the accommodation facilities offered.

The photos on the Website are for informational purposes only. Although every effort is made to give an accurate impression of the services provided in graphic representations, photographs and texts produced to depict and show the Hotel and / or Services, there may be differences, especially due to changes in furniture and upholstery or possible renovations. In case of doubt or for more information about the Services, please contact the Hotel using the contact information on the Website. In any case, Siete and / or the Hotel cannot be held responsible for any errors that may arise regarding this issue.

In any case, the following information is provided to the Customers on the Website:

  • Basic features of services and hotels: Basic characteristics of hotels and accommodation facilities.

  • Fees to be applied,

  • Terms of payment,

  • Terms of Sale and Terms and Conditions.

The Customer is solely responsible for the Service choices and their suitability for their needs. Hotel and / or Siete cannot be held responsible for this matter. It is expressly accepted that all reservations are specific to the person concerned and cannot be transferred to third parties, in whole or in part, under any circumstances.


Any reservation means that these Terms of Sale and Terms and Conditions have been reviewed and accepted in advance through a box with a link to these documents.

Siete cannot be held responsible for incorrect or incomplete information provided by the customer during the reservation process.

The reservation process is as follows:

  • The customer chooses the Hotel he wants to stay,

  • The customer selects the check-in and check-out dates, indicates the number of adults and / or children regarding the reservation, and then presses the "reservation" button,

  • The customer chooses the room type and then presses the "reservation" button,

  • The customer is presented with a summary of his reservation and the customer has the right to make the necessary changes in the reservation,

  • The customer fills in the "Guest Information" form with his / her identity and contact information (information marked with an asterisk is mandatory),

  • The customer chooses the method of guarantee among the specified credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover or Diners Club,

  • The customer clicks on the "I have read and agree to the" Terms of Sale "and" Terms and Conditions "button, which can be accessed via the link tool,

  • The customer then clicks on the "book now" button.

No payment will be made through the Website. Credit card information is only required to secure the reservation.

If the Customer completes the reservation process on the Website as stated above, he will receive a confirmation mail detailing the reservation information of the Customer. According to the Terms and Conditions applicable to the reservation, if a prepayment is required for the reservation, a payment link will be sent to the Customer's e-mail address so that the prepayment for the reservation can be made by the Customer in accordance with clause 7.2.1. In this context, prepaid reservations will only be considered confirmed if the relevant prepayment is made by the Customer.

Siete reserves the right to refuse or cancel the reservation based on legitimate grounds, such as requesting an unusual number of reservations, having disputes with the Customer regarding previous reservations.


In case the reservation is completed according to the reservation process explained in the 3rd article of this contract, the Customer cannot use the right of withdrawal in accordance with the consumer rights of the Turkish Commercial Code.


Pursuant to the Terms and Conditions, the Hotel is entitled, where applicable, to offset some or all of the fee payable by the Customer for the cancellation fee and reservation, or, where applicable, by offsetting the fees provided as security (if the reservation fee has not been paid in advance). will be. Reservations or payments that are not made in accordance with the rules, invalid, incomplete or fraudulent, will result in the cancellation of the reservation, without prejudice to the indemnification rights and / or other rights of the Hotel and / or Siete.


Siete and / or Hotels inform the Customers that they are processing their personal data in accordance with the Siete Privacy Policy, which can be accessed at their address.


According to the Terms and Conditions, in the event of not attending the reservation (unless the reservation has been canceled and the Customer does not come for accommodation):

  • Customer, m. If the prepayment has been made in accordance with 7.2.1, the relevant prepayment will be retained by the Hotel,

  • If the reservation is taken under guarantee by credit card only, a compensation equivalent to the reservation fee of the Customer will be deducted from the Customer's credit card.

Unless otherwise specified, the Customer's reservation will also be canceled without any charge in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.


7.1. FEES

The fees to be applied are shown before and during the reservation process. The prices are shown as the room rate according to the number of people and the dates selected. The prices shown on the website are in the currency chosen by the Customer and these fees include all taxes (including VAT) at the rates valid at the time of booking. In case the payment to be made to the hotel is made in a currency other than the currency selected by the Customer, the expenses related to the foreign exchange transactions belong to the Customer.

Unless otherwise stated in the Fee Policy or on the website during the reservation process, additional services (breakfast, half board, full board, etc.) are not included in the price.

Hotels can change the prices on the Website at any time. Reservations will be invoiced based on the rates in effect at the time the reservation was confirmed by the Customer.


Depending on the Terms and Conditions applicable to the customer's reservation, the payment terms may differ. In any case, credit card information will be requested from the Customer when making an online reservation in order to secure their reservations. In addition, some charges will require prepayment (clause 7.2.1), while some charges will be paid directly and in full to the hotel during the Client's stay (clause 7.2.2).

If the customer makes a reservation for more than one room but only one or more of these rooms require a prepayment, the credit card used for prepayment will be used as a guarantee for the other rooms.

7.2.1. Advance payment

If the fee is subject to prepayment under the Terms and Conditions, a payment link will be sent to the Customer's e-mail address with instructions on the prepayment. If the Customer does not make the prepayment within forty eight (48) hours after the payment link was sent to him, the reservation will be canceled and an information e-mail will be sent to the Customer regarding this cancellation.

The accepted payment method is credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club).

If the prepayment process is completed by the customers, an e-mail confirming the payment will be sent to the e-mail addresses of the customers.

7.2.2 Guarantee

If the fee is not prepayment, the payment for the reservation will be made directly to the Hotel during the Customer's stay. In such a case, in order to secure the payment of the fees related to the services to be provided by the Hotel, it may request approval from the Customer to withdraw the deposit or money from the credit card during check-in to the Hotel.


As defined in the Turkish Civil Code, in the event of a force majeure that prevents one of the parties from fulfilling their contractual obligations, the relevant obligations of the parties will be suspended and no responsibility will be imposed on any of them.

The party affected by the force majeure will notify the other party about the force majeure as soon as possible after its occurrence.

In the event that the force majeure continues for more than thirty (30) days uninterruptedly and / or prevents the party affected by force majeure from fulfilling its obligations as soon as possible, the other party shall notify the party affected by the force majeure in written form by registered letter with return receipt. will have the right to terminate the contract. The termination will take effect as of the notification of the relevant registered letter and no responsibility will be imposed on any of the parties for this situation.


These Terms and Conditions, Turkey, and Turkey is subject to the law will be interpreted according to the law.

In case of a complaint or dispute regarding these Conditions of Sale and / or the reservation, the Customer can contact Siete Customer Service (via e-mail to or via Siete Turpet Ege Tur Tic A.Ş Şirinyalı Maha Lara Caddesi No: 189. or try to find a friendly solution with Siete by phone to +90 242 323 4 242 (Monday-Sunday 08:00 - 00:00 (Istanbul time)) to report the claim or disagreement and provide comments. Failure to resolve the complaint amicably by Siete Customer Service. Customer may apply to the Consumer Rights Committee regarding the complaint. ( text.

(The above-mentioned roads) in the event of failure to reach an amicable solution or, if required lawsuit regarding claims or disputes without resorting to the customer's mediation, Turkey consumer rights laws of 6502 numbered law in accordance with Article Customer-Consumer's address of residence at its own discretion or Turkey Civil Procedure under the Law Without prejudice to the right to sue in any competent court, the courts of Antalya are exclusively authorized to resolve any complaint or dispute regarding these Terms and Conditions and / or the reservation.


The parties openly declare that they constitute the entire agreement made with regard to the subject of the Terms of Sale and supersedes other agreements concluded between the parties on this issue. If any of the provisions of this contract are invalid, the relevant provision will not be applied, but the other provisions will remain in effect.

The failure of one of the parties to notify the other party about this issue due to the failure of the other party to fulfill any of its obligations cannot be interpreted as a waiver of the relevant obligation or as an addition to the Conditions of Sale in a way that may prevent the non-defaulting party from notifying in the future.

In the event that any one or more of the Conditions of Sale is revoked or declared by the competent court on the basis of any law, regulation or regulation, the Parties will come together to determine new terms and conditions that will replace the voided terms and conditions, and They shall ensure that the purposes of the provisions or provisions are realized as far as possible. Other provisions of the contract will remain in effect.


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